I have been a Reference & Instruction Librarian at Oberlin College Libraries (OCL) since 2009, with expanded responsibilities for Outreach and Programming since 2017. While outreach and programming have always been a part of OCL's mission, my primary role is to ensure that they are done in a more formal and intentional way. I am
 most surprised by the fact that I've been able to forge close relationships with students that transcend the research-specific needs that bring them to the library in the first place.  As a generalist in Humanities and Social Sciences, I really enjoy the mental agility that's needed to bounce between many different subject areas. I especially love demystifying the research process for students, and empowering them to be savvy information seekers, consumers, and producers.  The "outreach-y" part of my job is going in a whole new direction, too, and extending far beyond the boundaries of Oberlin.
My research interests include the importance of mentoring in  information professions; diversity and social justice in libraries; improving access and preservation through digitization; and creating frameworks to help underrepresented people be more visible in library and archival collections, a topic on which I have also presented at professional conferences.
I am the editor of the book, Librarian As Mentor: Grow, Discover, Inspire (Mission Bell Media, 2017), and a contributor to Steven Bell’s edited volume, Crucible Moments: Inspiring Library Leadership (Mission Bell Media, 2016).

My path to librarianship was a bit of a winding road, but I know for sure that I could not have made a better career choice and honestly cannot imagine doing anything else.  My work as a librarian truly brings me joy. 
  • Mentoring and leadership development in academic libraries, particularly among librarians of color
  • Recruitment and retention of academic librarians of color, as well as their association participation and membership
  • Diversity and social justice in libraries
  • Blacks in American Agriculture since 1974
  • African American genealogy research techniques
  • Improving access and preservation through digitization
  • Creating frameworks to help underrepresented people be more visible in library and archival collections


I am currently investigating the hidden/unseen labor of outreach work in libraries.
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Presentations and invited talks:
Johnson, E.A. (2018, November). Librarian As Archivist in Africatown: A Grassroots Experiment. Conference presentation for Academic Library Association of Ohio’s 44th annual conference, Columbus, OH.

Johnson, E.A. (2018, March). Librarian As Archivist in Africatown: A Grassroots Experiment. Opening keynote address for Ohio Library Council Technical Services Retreat, Columbus, OH.

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Johnson, E.A. (2017, November).  Librarian As Mentor, Or: Why You Should Listen to Your Mother. Book talk sponsored by the Oberlin College Friends of the Libraries.

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